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We are excited over this win. This should beginto turn the tide with the station mailhandler situation. Within the next 2 days, we will have a game-plan. Let me caution everyone that this is only one piece of the puzzle. Also I wish to state that we are not out to wipe out the other crafts. We only want what is ours. Wayne (5/5)


Organizing a picket just does not happen overnight. It takes dedication and work. Most of all, it takes you to stand up for your contract and your jobs. I was amazed at the Springfield picket to see brothers and sisters from as far away as Pittsburgh. I would love to see between 3000-5000 people here. Mass-media attention. REMEMBER THIS: IF YOU THINK MANAGEMENT IS YOUR NEW BEST BUDDY, THINK AGAIN. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE APWU LIST OF WHY WORKERS SHOULD BELONG TO THE UNION. COUPLE THAT WITH BIDS, SENIORITY RIGHTS, DISRESPECT FOR THE CONTRACT, AND THE COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE CRAFT UNIONS. MORE TO COME